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BeCalm Bubble Elixir Bubble Bath

BeCalm Bubble Elixir Bubble Bath

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Let this bubble bath be the calling for your much needed pamper at home! The natural scent will keep you relaxed and elevate your bath experience.

Size: 500ml (approx 24 baths)

Hints of: Lavender, Earl Grey Tea, Bergamont
Perfect for: Sleep

Notable Ingredients:

Earl Grey tea: Just like when you drink it, Earl Grey tea in your tub can help you calm and relax your senses and is packed with antioxidants
Bergamot oil: A natural pairing with Earl Grey tea, not only will this sweet and citrusy smelling oil brighten your mood, but it will also help clarify and balance your skin 
Lavender essential oil: The quintessential sleepy scent, Lavender is known to calm and help promote a quality sleep 

By Bathorium: A Canadian start-up, created on a global mission to #BringBacktheBath.
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